Citizen Network is in its infancy and these arrangements will change as we identify the best possible path for its development. Currently Citizen Network is organised as follows:


Any individual can join Citizen Network for free. Members share a responsibility to act as citizens, to cooperate and share with each other what they have learned and to provide assistance where possible.

Members of Citizen Network will often be active in projects, groups or organisations that are also working to the values of Citizen Network and which can act as hubs for citizen action. If you want your group to join Citizen Network you can apply here for your group to join.


Coordinators are individuals who:

  • Work with the Strategic Partners to identify goals
  • Help recruit new members
  • Research and identify innovations
  • Facilitate action and collaboration by the membership
  • Form part of Team Citizen Network


Currently networks are being established in different countries of the world. [In principle networks do not need to based on countries, they could be based on regions or themes.] To establish a Network requires:

  • Individuals or organisations willing to become Partners and willing to provide the necessary resources to support the creation of the Network
  • A Coordinator, appointed by the Partner(s), who can work to support the Network
  • Agreement to share in funding the Global Network with other Partners
  • Agreement from the Citizen Network Council to the establishment of the Network


Strategic Partners are organisations who:

  • Provide the resources to sustain Citizen Network
  • Provide guidance and strategic leadership of their own National Network
  • Appoint and ensure the accountability of the National Coordinator
  • Provide governance for Citizen Network through the Citizen Network Council

If there is more than one Partner in a network they will work together to oversee the national network.

You can see a list of our Partners here.

Global Council

Citizen Network is a cooperative. Its assets are owned by the different Partners who choose to work together as Citizen Network.

The ultimate decision-making body for Citizen Network is provided by the Citizen Network Council whose members are appointed by Partners. Individuals or organisations only become Partners with the agreement of the Citizen Network Council.

Team Citizen Network

Coordinators collaborate globally as part of Team Citizen Network. They manage and share the day-to-day business of Citizen Network. You can read more information about the role of the Coordinator here.


Global coordination of the activities of Citizen Network is provided by its Secretary, who is appointed by and accountable to the Global Council.