Building momentum conference – November 2016


Join thought leaders from New Zealand and across the globe on 16th November, to discover how self-direction can work for everyone.

Hear from local and international experts about different models of self-direction: how it works, the challenges and opportunities and what it looks like in practice.

Keynote Speakers include:

  • Marc Fenton – founder and president of an organisation in the US that supports people to manage funding for community-based care (similar to IF). His organisation runs a payroll service for more than 110,000 clients – across 42 states.
  • Simon Duffy—director and founder of the Centre for Welfare Reform. Simon is a philosopher and social innovator who works to improve the welfare system. He is a regular public speaker and government policy advisor, both nationally and internationally.
  • Mary Fisher – a Gold medal-winning Paralympic swimmer who set a world record with her 2012 win.
  • Paul Gibson – the Human Rights Commissioner for disability issues and a former president of the Disabled People’s Assembly. Mr Gibson was also heavily involved in the development of the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

  16 – 17 November 2016
Place:  Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand
Time:  10am – 4pm

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