Citizen Network England

Sam Sly is the coordinator for Citizen Network England.

Sam has been involved for her whole working life with people with learning disabilities and their families. She has been a commissioner in the NHS, an Inspector in what is now CQC, a social worker and a provider of tailored support for people leaving Institutions. Sam worked alongside Simon Duffy and Wendy Perez in developing Keys – Citizenship for All and has a keen interest in promoting this concept as a framework for promoting the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities who face discrimination and prejudice on a daily basis.

Get in touch with Sam by email or telephone, she’d love to hear from you.


telephone: +44 790 0424144

Our focus for 2017

  1. Stopping the use of Assessment & Treatment Units and Specialist Hospitals through personalised planning and support and awareness of real life alternatives
  2. Increasing the understanding of and use of Personal (Health, Education and Social Care) budgets and Individual Service Funds for people and families
  3. Identifying and forming a supportive network of Providers across Great Britain who support people towards full citizenship

What we can share

Information on Citizen focused planning and solutions, enabling providers to learn from one another to achieve Citizenship for All. Identifying and celebrating people getting lives that make sense to them and sharing the building blocks so others can learn.

Connect with us

Help us to identify where personalised approaches have been destroyed by systemised approaches so that we can help rectify this. Tell us where the use of Individual Service Funds has started to make a positive difference. Show us how personalised approaches in other Countries can inform the journey in Great Britain.

Our Strategic Partner(s)

Choice Support
100 Westminster Bridge Road

t: 0207 261 4100