Citizen Network relies on the free and active contribution of hundreds of individuals around the world. Most of its work is carried out without any financial exchange.

However to provide Citizen Network with some dedicated time for coordination and leadership some individuals and organisations have committed time and resources to ensure the success of Citizen Network. These are Citizen Network’s Partners and together they form the cooperative that is responsible for Citizen Network.

Here is a list of current partners, organised by network.



  • Avivo
  • My Place
  • Western Australia Individualised Services (WAIS)


  • Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship

Czech Republic

  • Quip


  • Centre for Welfare Reform
  • Choice Support


  • Synerga


  • Puzzle


  • Manavodaya

New Zealand

  • CCS Disability Action
  • Imagine Better
  • Federation of Disability Resource Centers
  • Manawanui InCharge
  • Community Connections


  • In Control Scotland


  • DD Network


NB Currently all networks are based on countries, but this is not essential and it is in principle possible to organise networks around ideas or regions. Also, as Citizen Network develops, we will want to ensure that there are also democratic mechanisms to ensure everyone involved in decisions. The current arrangements reflect the first stages in Citizen Network’s development.