Citizen Network exist to help create a world where we believe and act as if everyone, every single person, matters.

Core Ideas

Our community is built around three core ideas:

  1. Equality – We are all equal and worthy of respect
  2. Diversity – We are all different and our differences are good
  3. Community – We can combine our different gifts by working together as equal citizens

Citizenship is the goal and the spirit of our work together. Citizenship is not about having the right passport – we treat someone as a fellow citizen when we welcome them into our community in a spirit of equality. Everyone can be an equal citizen.

Keys to Citizenship

In practice it is easier to be recognised as a citizen when:

  1. Meaning – We have a life of meaning and purpose
  2. Freedom – We are free to lead life our way
  3. Money – We have enough money for independence
  4. Home – We have a place of our own where we belong
  5. Help – We need other people who can work with us
  6. Life – We contribute to our community
  7. Love – We are in relationships that matter

You can hear more about these ideas by watching this film:

Actions for Citizenship

Citizenship begins within us. It is our own values, attitudes and actions that create a world where everyone can be a citizen – where everyone matters.

Steps that encourage true citizenship include:

  1. Self Reflection – spending time thinking about your own purpose and actions
  2. Collective Reflection – thinking and talking together with others
  3. Self Discipline – working to eradicate unhelpful habits and attitudes
  4. Speech Consciousness – speaking with reflection and avoiding foul speech
  5. Sharing Domestic Responsibilities – playing a full part in all the essential parts of life
  6. Local Purchase – putting resources back into the hands of local people and businesses
  7. Time Sharing – putting time aside to work for a social cause and helping others
  8. Income Sharing – putting aside money to assist in the promotion of self help for all

These principles arise from the work of one of Partners, Manavodaya, and you can read more in this slide show:

Citizen Network’s Purpose

Citizen Network exists to achieve citizenship for all and, in particular, to challenge and overcome the barriers to citizenship. Citizenship is weaker for all of us when:

  1. Some people are excluded from community through prejudice and fear
  2. Some people are oppressed by poverty, injustice and inequality
  3. Most of us are too passive and not democratically involved in our own communities

Citizen Network works to connect and support our global efforts to build communities that welcome, support and activate full and meaningful citizenship for everyone.

Citizen Network’s Challenge

If you join Citizen Network then we offer you this challenge:

  1. Learn from the work of others – watch, read and discover what is possible
  2. Share what you’ve learned – someone else will benefit from hearing from you
  3. Cooperate with others – there are many chances to connect and act together
  4. Welcome others into community – reach out to those who are excluded
  5. Stand up for the value of citizenship – get involved in politics and campaigns for a better world

These are just some of the ideas we have about what can inspire a better world for everyone. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Join Citizen Network, get involved and make a difference.