Putting the heart back into social care – February 2017


The current political narrative on care services is that demand is rising and budgets are threatened.

Find out from John Seddon and his colleagues at Vanguard how pioneers in people-centred services, across health, social care, single agency and multi agency services, have blasted through this narrative. They are providing better services to more people and, incredibly, are doing so at much lower costs. Using the Vanguard Method, these pioneers have understood why the system is largely incapable of helping those who need it – despite the efforts, commitment and skills of those within it – and how to change it in a way that is demonstrably better for people and at the same time sustainable.

Vanguard believes that public services should be ‘local by default’, that they should help people help themselves, that they should focus on underlying purpose rather than outcome and that they should manage value not cost. This, we believe, provides the best way to reduce demand, not amplify it, and to prevent problems arising in the first place, rather than accumulating costs which could and should be avoided.

The event is FREE and will take place on:

Thursday 9th February 2017

10am – 3.30pm (lunch included)  at Villiers Hotel, Buckingham, MK18 1BS

To book a place, please complete the booking form here and email it to office@vanguardconsult.co.uk

Read more about Vanguard’s work in the report Saving Money by Doing the Right Thing.