Canada – Tim & Rachelle


The Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship coordinates Citizen Network Canada.

Dr Tim Stainton and Dr Rachelle Hole are the Co-Directors of the Centre and have extensive experience in research and policy in the area of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

About the Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship

The Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship (CIC) is Canada’s only university-based research centre with an exclusive focus on social policy and issues concerned with the full inclusion and citizenship of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Centre is supported by the Schools of Social Work at the University of British Columbia across both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

Our focus for 2019

  • Promoting civic engagement and democratic participation
  • Building Citizen Network Canada
  • Contributing to the realization of the CRPD in Canada

What we can share

  • A wealth of research and project reports on various issues concerned with citizenship and inclusion
  • Claiming Full Citizenship Conference Presentations and Video Series
  • Resources, reports and research on Individualized Funding & Supported Decision Making

Connect with us

Tim Stainton, Co-Director, UBC Vancouver

Rachelle Hole, Co-Director, UBC Okanagan

Cindy Chapman, Coordinator 1-604-822-5872

twitter: @CICUBC