New Zealand – Debra


Debra Metcalfe is the coordinator for Citizen Network New Zealand.

Debra has an extensive background of not-for-profit administration within New Zealand and is passionate about supporting collaboration and innovation.

About Manawanui

Manawanui is the pioneer and leading facilitator of self-directed services in New Zealand. We have been helping people take charge of their government funding and support for over 12 years. As a not-for-profit NGO, Manawanui works with government agencies, District Health Boards, disability providers, disabled people and their families to foster a support environment that is designed and governed by the person.

Our focus for 2019

  • Increasing awareness of self-directed funding options
  • Increasing the flexibility of Individualised Funding
  • Expanding Individualised Funding into other sectors such as hospitals, primary care, mental health and aged care

What we can share

  • 12 years experience and learnings of supporting Individualised Funding options – we have 3,500 people using Individualised Funding
  • Our research on cost effectiveness of individualised service provision versus traditional service provision and how individualised approaches transform lives
  • How to be true to the philosophy of self-direction
  • Access to key note NZ and international presentations from our conferences
  • Learnings from how to work effectively with government organisations and funders

Connect with us

You can connect with us via:
Youtube – real life stories, conference presentations, playlists:
Twitter: @manawanuinz
LinkedIn: Manawanui InCharge 

Our Strategic Partners


Imagine Better – ImagineBetter works towards a world where all disabled people live the lives they want, with the support they choose, in welcoming communities where they are valued.
ILS – ILS is a not-for-profit, community focused organisation committed to making daily living easier for people with impairments, their families/whanau and support networks.
Life Unlimited – Life Unlimited is a charitable trust offereing health and disability services, advice and equipment so you can live the life you choose
Ripple trust – Supporting disabled people, providing disability awareness training and providing advice to government on disability issues

Other Partnerships and Groups we work with:

CarersNZ, Careerforce, Te Pou, Disability Caucus, NZDSN, NZFDIC etc