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Marcie Brost is the coordinator for Citizen Network USA.

Marcie has had 40 years of personal experience and employment opportunities to learn about the differences of disabilities and how disability is experienced by people with and without disabilities. She is a parent of a young man with significant disabilities, André, soon to be a 38 year old man. Marcie’s work life evolved over the decades from providing remedial reading assistance to social work to housing policy to Medicaid health and different community services, and eventually directing the statewide agency Wisconsin Developmental Disabilities Network Incorporated in Madison, Wisconsin.

Marcie has provided technical assistance, formal training and consultation around a host of dilemmas that confront many people who experience disability. Marcie has worked in the school, local government, state government and not for profit sectors with the goal of making things work for people who rely on others for support in a personalised way. Up until 2010, Marcie was a State of Wisconsin employee in the Community Living Division and provided an ear to folks having trouble figuring out a problem or imagining how to grow some success. Her entire life and career has been shaped by her competent, loving and visionary son, André.

telephone: +1-608-770-6835

Our focus for 2019

  • To keep a watchful eye and notice expressions of citizenship and community belonging. Reward every seed and every action, no matter how small, that makes everyone feel valued, needed and loved.
  • Respectfully and genuinely notice and point  out expressions or experiences of segregation and exclusion. No matter where we see, feel or hear it,  assist us all in becoming more aware of ourselves and our contributions to isolation and community membership as the alternative.

What we can share

Our consistent and persistent curiosity about all the uncertainty, and where we have been somewhat successful or helpful in growing citizenship.

Connect with us

Please contact Marcie if you would like to get more involved in Citizen Network in the USA.

Our Strategic Partner(s)

Marcie continues to be involved as the Director of the not for profit Wisconsin DDNetwork and is engaged in various listening and learning efforts around self determination and personalised supports. Marcie will be involved in Citizen Network through The Wisconsin DDN which continues its 30 year journey toward helping people with disabilities and their allies experience a more inclusive and ordinary life as Wisconsin and US citizens. The mission detailed below describes the fundamental purpose of the nonprofit.

The mission of the Developmental Disabilities Network is to inspire, inform, and point the way to best practice of daily support for people with developmental disabilities and to promote greater opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to:

• Contribute to community life
• Control their own lives
• Secure good health & stable home
• Learn and grow
• Work and earn an income

Marcie Brost
Director & Training Coordinator
DD Network Inc.
PO Box 8335
Madison, Wisconsin 53708
(608) 770-6835