Norway – Kirsten, Anna & Anita


Kirsten Jaeger Fjetland, Anita Gjermestad and Anna Chalachanová are the coordinators for Citizen Network Norway.

VID Specialized University, represented by the research group Citizenship, coordinates citizenship Network Norway 2018-2020.

Dr. Kirsten Jaeger Fjetland, Dr. Anita Gjermestad and Ph.D. candidate Anna Chalachanová are members of the research group citizenship and have experience in research in the area of citizenship and intellectual disability.

About the Citizenship research group

The research group is a part of the Faculty of Health studies and consists of researchers and faculty members who take part in research within the field of citizenship in general, not intellectual disability in particular. Research projects highlight citizenship among different groups in society.

Our focus for 2019

  • Create and establish citizenship network Norway.
  • Gather different participants with an intellectual disability or their representatives, NGOs, participants from local communities, municipalities, academic professionals and researchers.

Connect with us

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