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John Dalrymple is the coordinator for Citizen Network Scotland.

For the past forty years John has worked as a social worker in both the statutory and voluntary sector; his work has always been at the edge of innovative, values-driven approaches. Having worked in Glasgow, the Scottish Borders and in Grampian, John  became the Principal Officer for Learning Disabilities in Strathclyde and then led the first phase of the Lennox Castle Hospital closure programme. He later became the joint founder of the North Lanarkshire provider organisation Support for Ordinary Living. In recent years John has taken on the role of Director of Neighbourhood Networks and In Control Scotland and he is now a director of independent consultancy Radical Visions.

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telephone: +44 776 5246345

Our focus for 2019

  • Supporting the implementation of genuine Self-Directed Support in Scotland
  • Campaigning for the increased uptake of flexible alternatives to Direct Payments through the use of option 2 of the Scottish SDS Act
  • Communicating the essence of SDS to men, women and children throughout the country

What we can share

Information about the successes and failures, victories and defeats of the movement in Scotland towards de-institutionalisation and personalisation over the past 20-30 years.

Connect with us

Help us to understand the most effective ways of trying to communicate the essence of SDS to the mainstream of the population.

Our Strategic Partner(s)

In Control Scotland
Pavilion 5A
Moorpark Court
25 Dava Street
Glasgow, G51 2JA

t: 0141 440 5250