We have a voice


An inspiring film from self-advocacy group Reinforce based in Victoria, Australia.

Reinforce explain more:

This film is about the everyday struggles faced by people with an Intellectual Disability (ID). People with an ID hold hope to have their needs seen and understood, their rights met, and their voice heard.

We ALL deserve a Good Life…

Reinforce (and friends) are the Self-Advocacy group featured in the film.

People with Intellectual disabilities carry with them expert lived experience and knowledge that can make society more liveable for everyone.

Reinforce works with other Self-Advocacy groups to inform policies and decision makers in government, community and business to go beyond tokenism to real consumer and civic participation.

Reinforce advocates to make visible and action the needs of people with intellectual disability and have been leading the way since the 1980s in Victoria, Australia.

You can find out more about Reinforce and their projects here.