Progress on Personalised Support – report


This report builds on an international survey of support organisations to develop a model of personalised support.

This report is the first major research report to be developed on behalf of Citizen Network. Progress on Personalised Support, written by Simon Duffy and Sam Sly, demonstrates that many of the obstacles people face in trying to achieve citizenship could be overcome if:

  • We connected people and organisations more effectively
  • We were more willing to build on existing good practice
  • We were willing to provide information and practical assistance to each other

The international online survey demonstrates that:

  • Organisations offering personalised support can be found all around the world
  • A coherent pattern of personalised support is emerging from these developments
  • Current models of funding and thinking do not promote this way of working

The model of personalised support that emerges from this survey has 5 essential elements:

  1. Citizenship is the goal – People are supported to enjoy all their rights as full citizens, playing a full part in community life and developing to their utmost as a full human being
  2. Fully individualised – Service design, planning, housing, staffing and management are all organised around the needs and capabilities of the individual and their family
  3. Working in partnership – Professionals are respectful of the expertise of the person and their family and accountable to them for their work
  4. Committed and flexible – Professionals do not abandon people when times get tough, they stick with it and figure out the best solutions, changing things quickly to get it right
  5. Creative and resourceful – Support solutions are identified that build on the person’s real wealth and the resources of their community

The report is available to read and download here.