European Coalition for Community Living – webinar series


A series of webinars to encourage people to share, learn and work together to end institutionalisation.

The European Coalition for Community Living (ECCL) is a Europe-wide cross disability initiative working towards the social inclusion of people with disabilities by promoting the provision of comprehensive, quality community-based services as an alternative to institutionalisation. The ECCL is hosted by the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL).

The ECCL webinars are free and open to everyone with an interest in ending the institutionalisation of people, in closing down institutions and promoting independent living for all.

Webinar 4: The Next Generation, Co-operation and Working Together

Friday 27th April, time TBC

With input from Steve Eidelman, University of Delaware (USA) and Jamie Bolling, Independent Living Institute (Sweden) who will be talking about supporting the next generation of leaders and how co-operating across borders is really important.  This webinar will also include more information about the European Coalition for Community Living going forward from Ines Bulic (ENIL – ECCL Co-ordinator) and Nic Crosby (GatherBuildWork and ECCL Co-ordinator).

Webinar 5: Getting Practical

Friday 25th May 2018, 11:00-12:30 CET/10:00-11:30 GMT

A webinar focused on practical approaches to getting the right support to people to help them live independently and feel included in their local communities. With input from Aarne Rajalathi from Finland who will share their work to introduce self-directed support and personal funding and a second presentation from in Control Scotland about housing and how it can work as part of deinstitutionalisation.

Webinar 6: Young People Have a Lot to Say!

Friday 29th June 2018, 11:00-12:30 CET/10:00-11:30 GMT

A webinar centred on what young disabled people and those with mental health support needs think about deinstitutionalisation and how they think support should work to help children and young people live independently and not be placed in institutions.  With input from Euro Youth Mental Health and members of ENIL Youth. (Presenters to be confirmed)

Webinar 7: Supporting People of all Ages with Complicated Lives and Support Needs

Friday 27th July, 11:00-12:30 CET/10:00-11:30 GMT

A webinar sharing practice in planning and support for people with very complicated support needs and lives to move out of institutions and live independently in the community. (Presenters to be confirmed)

For more information and to register please email Nic Crosby or visit